quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2011

New Marcanazo upcoming

One of the most famouse histories about football is the "Maracanazo". It's about the victory by Uruguay in Maracanã in 1950's World Cup. The first half ended 1-0 to Brazil, but in second half the "Celeste" won by 2-1, goals by Schiaffino and Ghigia.

All world champions, except Spain and Brazil won playing home: France, Italy, Germany, England, Argentina and Uruguay. All those hosted the World Cup twice, Brazil will organize the World Cup the second time in 2014, if don't win will be the only one who organized twice and don't won (betwen the winners).

This year the braziliam team made a terrible season. After the World Cup 2010, Brazil played against France, Netherland, Argentina and Germany and don't won any. Some pleoples can say Brazil won Argentina by 2-0 in 28th September, but the teams don't played with main players. The players who plays in Europe don't played.

If continues like that, in 2014 we can see a new Maracanazo. Maybe not against Uruguay, but any other good team can beat Brazil in brazilian land.

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