terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

World Cup, Olympic Games and the brazilian tourism

The Olympics and the World Cup should bring a great number of tourists to our country. The expectation is that during the World Cup, Brazil receive up to 600,000 foreign tourists. The record for tourists for World Cup was in 2006 when Germany received 2 million tourists.

Throughout the year 2014, Brazil should receive more than seven million tourists. Most of them should come thanks to the World Cup. Among the Brazilians, it is expected that up to one million Brazilians traveling the country to watch the World Cup games.

For the Olympics, Brazil will receive 380 thousand tourists and throughout the year 2016, should receive 7.9 million tourists. Making a projection, the government believes that in 2016 the Brazil will receive 10% or 15% more tourists than the previous year.

In South Africa, it was expected 450 000 tourists, but only 300,000 were in the African country to watch the games.

Another positive for Brazil is that in a recent survey, the Brazilians were considered the second coolest people in the world, which demonstrates the confidence of foreigners in a good reception here.

It is undeniable that sporting events bring big money to here, i just hope the price is not too high; or that the money spent here goes, in fact, where we hope: Education, Health, Transportation mean...

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