domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2012

Perfect Eleven. My football Dream Team

This week I decided create a team with the best players I have seen. Just players who I saw. It was very hard, but I am proud about my team. Could You assing your Dream Team?

I born in 1981, and my football memories begin about 1989-1990. My team have players who played well after that.

I saw a lot of good GKs. Oliver Kahn, Van der Sar, Preud Homme, Illgner, Buffon... But, my most significant memories are about Peter Schmeichel. Choose just one goalkeeper was very hard, but Schemeichel

had all important qualities about a goalkeeper. If I hadn't chose him, I would have chosen Preud Homme.

I chose two full back (right and left) and two center back. My favorite Right Full Back was Cafu. Great skills, excelent performance in World Cup I could not remember other name for this position. In the left side,

Roberto Carlos was an easy choise too.

Both central defender are italians. I can remember a lot of good players on this position: Desailly, Costacurta, Kohler, Aldair... but Maldini and Baresi are like lengendary for me.

I think I can say at least 20 good players who deserve be in my team. Effenberg, Dunga, Leonardo, Deschamps, Ince, Gasgoigne, Cantona, Valderrama, Hagi. Besides these players, it was a very hard decision

let Maradona out. I don't put him because after 90's he wasn't so fantastic, and I can remeber just a few games played very well by him. Anyway, I know He is one of the best of all history, so if you are a

Maradona fan, or argentine, don't be sad. I know he was better than the players I chose.

I picked Lothar Mathaus, Xavi Hernandez, Zidane and Ronaldinho.

It was the most difficult task. OH MY GOD!!! Ronaldo, Messi, Bergkamp, Henry, Kluivert, Nilsterooy (I like him so much), Hugo Sanchez, Stoichkov, Batistuta, Klinsmann, Ravanelli, Bebeto, Roberto Baggio...

My first chose was Lionel Messi, He is the smartest player I ever saw. Let him out would be injustice.

The other player I picked was the most decisive player I ever saw. He was skilled and genius: Romário.

Let Ronaldo out it was a very hard decision, but in my memory Romário was mor skilled and decisive for the National Team. Ronaldo scored more goals, but he played much more games.

Your team
Probably your 'perfect eleven' is different of mine. So, who are your heroes?

There is my video.

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